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Thursday, July 07, 2005

What's Eye-Yurr-Veda?

Ok, let's first establish that online blogs are silly. It's like reading someone's diary. But this blog has a very specific purpose. I actually *want* people to read it, share ideas, feedback, and support.

My theme is all about healing the healer. I've been thinking a lot about how how I often give advice to my clients at work about health and wellness, when I am not even doing what I should for myself. My close friend Adam says, "Well, you certainly wouldn't see an obese dietician for weightloss advice." So that is purpose of this blog, to track my personal progress and to hopefully learn from my family, friends, and peers in the process.

I work as a massage therapist and esthetician for the most amazing spa called Tola Life Spa in Malibu, California. I'm extremely happy here. On multiple levels. At Tola, our product line is Aveda, and believe it or not, it's a lifestyle, not just a nice-smelling shampoo. (Wait, it smells AWESOME, but that's not the point.)

Aveda and their signature treatments base everything off of Ayurveda, a well-known medical practice from eastern India. The theory is that we have all five of the elements within us: infinity, air, fire, water, and earth. We typically have one that is predominant, but the levels of each can change daily. What we do at Tola is we figure out the imbalance for the person the day they come in and we completely customize everything in their treatment just for them, balancing out their elements.

For example, I am predominantly earth. Heavy, solid, smooth glowy skin, but prone to easy weight gain, emotionality, difficulty changing anything, and in extreme imbalance, depression. The good thing about being an earth type, though, is that I'm very compassionate, trustworthy, and dependable. I love my clientele fiercely and I am genuinely empathetic towards each one.

So to balance an earth person, you would do the exact opposite of earth, since like feeds like. If I eat things that are in the earth food category (anything heavy and sweet), of course that will increase the earth element thus increasing my weight. The oppposite would be to eat things light... salads are a good bet, and I need to also create lots of movement.

My first step to finding balance was to physically move. For this earth (Kapha) chick, it was hard leaving Utah, my home of the last thirteen years. Remember, earth types hate change. But, I must say, it was the best decision I ever made. I increased my fire (transformation) and air (movement) by moving to California and I feel all the more balanced already.

I'm not sure if this is making sense to the family and friends who will read this. If you need further clarification, please don't hesitate to ask.

I'm putting Ayurveda to the test. Does this stuff really work? Is it "out there" like other odd forms of medicine? I want to know for myself, therefore, I am using my own body as a guinea pig to test these theories.

My tools: Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, M.D., and The Book of Ayurveda; A Holistic Approach to Health and Longevity by Judith H. Morrison. I've been studying Ayurveda for the good part of eight years. I picked up my first book regarding it when I was but a wee lass in massage school at the tender age of eighteen: The Seven Spiritual Laws to Success by Deepak Chopra, M.D. It changed everything for me, basically talking about things like the law of Karma, etc.

So please, whether you be family, friends, fellow people in the Aveda network, I encourage your thoughts, advice, and feedback during this process. I want to hear what everyone has to say and I hope to see amazing results.


Blogger brent said...

Woo hoo! I get to be the first one to post here!

I think when I visited you at your old spa you told me I was predominantly fire with some air mixed in. Is that right? Sounds like me.

And let me say how proud I am of you for making that change. Even though we here in Utah miss you like crazy, our excitement and happiness for you in your new job and new "life" I guess I could say, outweigh any sorrow we may feel because of your absence.

I'm totally looking forward to reading about your progress and experiences!

7:21 AM

Blogger Sherpa said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:41 AM

Blogger Sherpa said...


I'm excited for you and reading your new blog. Sounds interesting and great beginning post!

Blogs are silly, we are silly people. Welcome to the fold. ;)

7:42 AM

Blogger Jahn said...

Ah, what do you do when the doctor gets sick?

I guess I'd totally screw up your system. None of those five sounds like me. I think there might be one of those Aveda places here in Choo-Choo Town. I'll have to check.

That aside, blogs aren't silly. It's a great way to share your experiences. (Which we all hope will be good, despite your living on the Left Coast.) :-)

11:16 AM

Anonymous Krispy said...

I just ordered the book from Amazon for 3.24. I paid 3.50 for the postage.

12:55 PM

Anonymous Phylameana said...

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I linked your blog to the Carnival of Healing today at

Blessings to you and enjoy your new blog!

1:10 PM

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