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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Have you TRIED Kashi's Go Lean Crunch cereal?

I mean, seriously. Go, get yourself a box, because it's the most life-altering purchase I've ever made in my life. Breakfast has just become my favorite meal.

So my latest thoughts have been regarding my personal environment. I don't know why I contemplate my clutter, the things I keep around me, etc, but I do. The less the better, I've decided.

I also have been thinking about the people in my life and the importance of surrounding myself with those who are uplifting and loving. My friends and family are awesome. I seriously couldn't ask for a better group of people to be associated with.

I find two of my coworkers to be particularly inspirational for me, though: the owner of Tola, Laura, and a fellow massage therapist, Alicia. To describe the way they look physically, I would have to compare them both to a real-life Barbie. Yep, they are both that beautiful, but they are so much more. When I look at either one of them, I see strength, fearlessness, femininity, patience and compassion. I don't know which one I admire more, that's impossible to say. All I have to say is, right now they are far more influential on me than they realize and I totally admire them both. I want to someday join their blonde bombshell clique and be just like them.

Anyway, go get yourself some Kashi cereal. Soy milk is awesome on it. You'll thank me later.


Blogger Jahn said...

Hey, I got some and tried it today. Not bad. I was worried it would taste like styrofoam. I didn't even have to add sugar.

4:29 PM

Anonymous CWE said...

I've loved that cereal for a couple years now. Good stuff. And packed full of protein and fiber!

7:05 PM

Blogger Sherpa said...

I've been eating kashi for a couple of years, but i usually get the puffed rice. Yum. However, I had a bowl this morning and its turned into one solid puffed rice brick. Not stale either, just a brick. Darn humidity.

12:30 PM

Blogger brent said...

I've tried it, and it's yum. This is from a guy who used to love his marshmallow mateys and honey buzzers before his fianceƩ got a hold of him and convinced him that sugar is of the devil.

Kashi's Go Lean Crunch gets a confident thumbs up from this reformed sugar cereal junkie.

8:17 AM

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