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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Brentwood supermarkets... Oh! The horror!!

Ah, Brentwood. It's beautiful here, really. I went to the local Ralph's (just two blocks away from the infamous site of Nicole Simpson's tragic death) and braved the snobbish Brentwood locals and the outrageous prices.

The Kapha diet (what I purchased to eat):
No dairy, no wheat, no read meats... so what does a Kapha gal eat?? Well, Kapha is associated with heavy, wet, and cold. So, keeping in mind that I want to eat the opposite to balance those aspects, I have to choose foods that are astringent (like legumes, it's the opposite of sour), bitter, and pungent (hot/spicy), while avoiding foods that are sweet, salty, and sour.

I'll tell you:
chicken breasts
lots of vegetables
leafy greens
white potatoes
honey (no sweeteners allowed, only honey)
soy milk
whole wheat cereals like Kashi
herbal teas

Actually, to me, it sounds very appealing. I can add spices, but not salad dressings. This is going to be great. And fun. It has to be fun, right?

I also found a great Muay Thai kickboxing gym in North Hollywood. It's about a half hour drive, but well worth it. I went to practice for the first time last night, and got a decent pounding. I have a welt the size of a golf ball on my right shin from kicking my opponent's leg, but he blocked, and I got the sharpest part of his knee into my shin. Sparring with that guy wasn't too bad... it was having to spar with the owner of the gym that makes my body ache to remember it.

When I signed up, Kru Puk was thoroughly impressed that I trained with an old friend of his in Salt Lake City. Imagine a thick Thai accent from a near-toothless 90-pound old man: "Oh, you know Sakasem? His family is friends with my family. Let's see what you got."

Umm... old man, ninety pounds, I thought I could hold my own. Oh no, he pretty much spanked me and sent me home crying. And he laughed as he did it; That's the best part.

I totally feel at home at the Muay Thai Academy. Sakasem would be so proud!

Speaking of... I'm off for another beating right now... Pray for me.


Anonymous Mauri said...

Grocery shopping sucks. That's why I go at odd times like 2am. Although, I am a Trader Joe's junkie. I love that place.

10:49 PM

Blogger Sherpa said...

that grocery list sounds awesome actually. and that beating actually sounds cool, in a morbid, athletic junkie kind of way.

I hear ya. I like to shop at odd hours of the night or morning to avoid the mobs and trader joe's has sensible hours. :(

12:33 PM


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